Human Resource Departments are rarely lacking in Group Communications Projects. The words, "I wish we had something to do..." are usually spoken only in jest.  Juggling your many responsibilities requires productive utilization of your most valuable resources; employees & their time.
We have more than 25 years of Employee & Group Communications experience & we may have a solution in waiting.  If we do, why reinvent the wheel?  
HR Communications has completed more than 100 unique & diverse types of projects over the years, with employee benefit statements being but one of that group.  
Nearly every Employee communications project includes at least one of the Steps:  Inform ... Educate ... Personalize.
We've included a smattering of current & previous communication Projects, so browse around this section of the site.  If you spot something that is 'kind of like' what you need, let us know.
We know how to adapt & move quickly, affordably, productively.
We believe in the Power of Personalization, but sometimes it's overkill.  Simply communicating to your Employees that something exists or is about to happen can often be quite enough.  Below are a few Employee Communications examples with abbreviated 'how we did it' explanations.  
The depth of Employee communication depends on the topic, but the goals are usually common.  Teach your employees: 'what it is - how it works - what to do'.  This approach need not be restricted to employee benefits.  It could be as simple as how to fill out a form - or - an entire Training module.
If it has anything to do with Employee Financial decisions, then Personalized Communications is the impact method.   Ask yourself one question; would you be happy if your Bank decided a Chris Doe Account Statement was 'good enough'? 
Personalization is the switch for our mental lightbulb.  
Flip that switch.
Our online Employee Communications Platform is named The Vectoriole Project
Vectoriole includes online Tools for Text, drawing, fonts, sizes, colors, charts and integration of data and subreports.  You can load data from queries for MySql, PostgreSql, Oracle, JSON, XML and even simple CSV.
3)  Design a new page with different content.
2)  Upload and integrate data fields by simple drag and drop.
4)  Use the same data again, but this time select only a special subgroup of employees.
5)  Design another page of content, then create an Employee SVG Stack & each employee gets their own, unique stack of relevant information.
1)  Design a page of content.
You do not need a Masters in Computer Science to use Vectoriole.  If you can type and drag a mouse, you can use Vectoriole!