Big BenefitsakaBig Ben
Total CompensationAs a Big Benefits employee, your total compensation package is more than just your direct pay. Your indirect pay, which consists of your employee benefits, is a large part of that package. The estimated value of your total compensation is as follows:
Employee ID: [[ee_id]]
Date of Birth: [[dob]]Service: [[doh]]
Current Base Pay: [[base_pay||m:+usd:0:0:.:,]]
Incentive Compensation Paid 7/1/11 through 6/30/12: [[incent_comp||m:+usd:0:0:.:,]]
Advance Benefit Dollars for 2013: [[advance_ben_dol||m:+usd:0:2:.:,]]
Estimated Annual Contribution for Other Benefits: [[er_cont_other||m:+usd:0:2:.:,]]
Total 2013 Estimated Compensation: [[est_tot_comp||m:+usd:0:0:.:,]]
Base pay does not include overtime or shift differential pay, but includes time off with pay.
Other benefits include Retirement Incentive Savings Plan (RISP) , Retirement Plan, Social Security, State Disability Insurance (SDI) , Short Term Disability (STD) , Dependent Care Company Match, Educational Reimbursement, Unemployment Insurance and Workers' Compensation.
This Employee Benefit Statement Prepared for:  [[f_name]]